J.R. Phillip Search & Consulting

Talent Acquisition Services

John Phillip provides Talent Acquisition consulting services utilizing his 35 plus years of Executive Search experience. This experience includes the management to completion of over 2000 executive level search assignments and numerous strategic Talent Acquisition projects. John is a member of the global professional and academic expert resource network, the ROUND TABLE GROUP.

  • Search Process Design
  • Internal Employee Evaluation
  • Board Consultation
  • Industry Talent Comparisons
  • Providing a Search Perspective to Growth Initiatives
  • Effective Candidate Targeting Process
  • Future Talent Tracking
  • Candidate Comparisons
  • Interview Process and Question Design
  • Overseeing other Outside Recruiting Sources
  • Guiding a Consistent Message Presented by the Executive Interviewing Team to Targeted Candidates
  • Effective Segmenting and Timing of the "Selling," Qualifying, and Closing Processes for the Targeted Candidates
  • Third-Party Compensatory Advice and Negotiations
  • Company Sponsored Individual Senior Management Outsourcing
  • Post Hire New Employee Transition

Additionally, John Phillip will consider providing consulting services on an individual basis and for non-competitive Executive Search firms.