J.R. Phillip Search & Consulting


Search Process Method

  1. A detailed search plan is prepared describing a sequence of events tailored to the decision-making requirements based on objectives and priorities of the client.
  2. An appraisal and analysis of the current company situation and marketplace environment is made. This covers matters such as resources, relationships, culture, challenges, problems, and above all, risks. Then, detailed position and candidate specifications are prepared based on interviews with principals of the client.
  3. A comprehensive market research is done to target those companies and network contacts that would generate qualified candidates.
  4. Qualification of candidates is done through filtering by functional fit, cultural fit, and the candidate's desire to leverage their career.
  5. A written profile and evaluation of leading prospects from the qualifications is presented, the interview process is organized, and reference checks are conducted.
  6. Once a candidate is selected, John Phillip will assist in the compensatory negotiations and any other issues regarding the hiring of the individual. After the completion of the search itself, John Phillip will perform continuous follow-up to ensure a smooth transition.
  7. Contact is maintained post-hire to ensure smooth transition, effective integration and mutual satisfaction.

Search Process

  • Search Plan
  • Appraisal & Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Qualification
  • Selection
  • Negotiation & Hiring
  • Post Hire

Client Benefits

  • Over 35 years Executive Search and consulting experience
  • Direct industry contacts. No Administrative Researchers, or outside contractors used in direct recruiting process
  • State-of-the-art contact information systems
  • Periodic search reports
  • Detailed client appraisal & candidate position specifications
  • Nationwide presence & industry contacts