J.R. Phillip Search & Consulting

Direct Search Advantages

There are many excellent reasons to engage a Search Consultant. My clients most often mention the following:

Objectivity. The Search Consultant's judgment is free from personal bias.

Discrimination. Search Consultants can approach high caliber candidates that a client company frequently cannot due to issues of propriety, confidentiality, conflict of interest, etc.

Candidate Population. Search greatly expands the known field of potential candidates.

Value-Added Expertise. Expert counsel is provided regarding key evaluation criteria, such as helping define specifications, providing comparative assessments and in the completion of thorough reference checks.

Negotiations. The Search Consultant provides an impartial third party to structure an appropriate compensation package and to negotiate the agreement.


Client Benefits from JRPS&C

  • Network of contacts developed over 35 years and maintained by the ENCORE database software system
  • Consistent candidate qualification process
  • Written candidate profiles
  • John Phillip used for all client updates, communications, and firsthand search process exposure
  • John Phillip provides continuity of contact through the recruiting process with targeted candidates
  • Direct industry experienced qualification process
  • Continuous information on the search progress available
  • Improved communication between client and firm
  • Customized Position Specification
  • Geographic focusing
  • Accurate industry compensation barometer
  • John Phillip is “hands-on” for all stages of the search process